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Extensia Lending Services

A full service business lending CUSO, Extensia offers a customized approach to credit unions seeking commercial and business lending opportunities, providing them with a variety of loan participation and whole loan options. Extensia sources loans through a number of channels including its national commercial real estate network, its close relationships with qualified borrowers, and its connections with growing municipalities and communities throughout the U.S. Additionally, Extensia works directly with credit unions to develop and refine lending programs that support their business members whether through small business or commercial real estate channels. Extensia also offers comprehensive servicing for commercial and small business loans, leveraging its experience and specialized expertise in commercial real estate.

Extensia Insurance Services

Our latest venture has us branching out with a brand new insurance partnership. Our partners share our DNA, appreciate our customized approach and embrace our initiatives in finding solutions for our customers. Our team of insurance specialists are, as you would expect, made up of experts. Additionally, our experience with loan servicing, knowledge of asset and risk management, allows all of us to go above and beyond expectations. This won’t be a cookie cutter approach; recommendations will be customized to fit our customers’ needs and we’ll be proactive to protect your corporate, business and personal assets. Our customers invest to reap rewards and insure to mitigate risk. With Extensia, they can do both.

Extensia Risk Services

Extensia offers risk and loss prevention services to help clients mitigate risk of loss for their business or commercial loan portfolios and establish appropriate risk management processes for their loan programs. These services include a risk management diagnostic of current practices to ensure sound governance surrounding member business lending, ongoing risk monitoring services, special servicing of troubled assets, risk mitigation consulting to enhance underperforming portfolios, insurance services, note sales, portfolio risk management and education.

Extensia Strategic Services

As a proven, trusted advisor to credit union boards and management teams, Extensia leverages its knowledge, experience and relationships to help clients address challenges and capitalize on strategic opportunities to optimize business outcomes. Extensia’s strategic services help clients tackle big-picture issues such as managing the compliance burden, effective portfolio optimization strategies, managing through evolving interest rate environments, effective asset liability management, optimizing product lines and service offerings, and expanding credit union members and relationships, among others.

Borrower Portal

Convenience and transparency are at the heart of everything we do. Extensia paired these into an online borrower portal where borrowers can review their payment information, loan balances and histories and request information. Keeping with convenience, borrowers can add multiple loans to a single login and all that is needed for Registering a new account is the loan number and social security number (SSN) or tax identification number (TIN) associated with the loan. To get started today, select the link below.

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