Lending Opportunities

We understand that every lender has unique needs and challenges that require tailored investment programs. Whether our customers want loans of a certain size, a certain term, or even a particular region, we leverage all of our resources in an effort to match them with the right opportunity, targeted to achieve their goals.

With Extensia, there is no pre-set menu of options – every engagement is unique, and developed to align with our customers’ objectives. To support this, we integrate additional services like risk reporting and business consulting into the package to maximize satisfaction and project outcome. At the end of the day, we’re a service organization, and our goal is simple: help our partners and customers grow.

Loan Participation

Participation loans are loans made by multiple lenders to a single borrower. Typically, the borrower is looking for a loan for commercial real estate which may be too large of a loan for a single financial institution to carry on its books.

That’s where Extensia can help. Extensia recruits credit unions to participate in these loans, giving participating credit unions the opportunity to accept or reject each offer presented.

One credit union takes the "originating lender position", absorbing 10% or more of the loan. The borrower must be within the lead lender’s field of membership. Then, other credit unions purchase a portion of the remaining loan amount until the total loan amount is satisfied.

Extensia originates the loan, takes responsibility for the loan servicing of the participation loan, organizes and manages the participation, and deals directly with the borrower. Credit risk is shared by all participating credit unions.

The primary reasons that credit unions utilize participation loans are as follows:

  1. Participations with Extensia provide a substantial opportunity to build investment income with qualified participation loans. Credit unions select the loans in which they choose to invest that match their individual risk strategies and appetites. Extensia understands this and provides a wide variety of property types, markets and borrower profiles from which credit unions can choose to participate.
  2. With the breadth of participations available from Extensia, credit unions can diversify both their balance sheets and business loans in an effort to limit their concentration risks. By investing in a variety of loans in different markets nationwide, credit unions reduce their risk and exposure.
  3. Extensia provides credit unions opportunities to participate in commercial real estate loans that provide higher yielding assets than many traditional consumer loans. Further, 5 year terms create a positive ALM position for any credit union looking for higher yielding investment alternatives.

Loan Originations

No single investment opportunity is right for every lender – we understand and we take pride in our ability to match the right deals with the right lenders. We offer our resources, experience and expertise to fit each customer’s unique situation and level of experience.

Whether the need is for loans of a certain size, a specific term, or even a particular geographic region, our reach means we can work closely with our customers to source the right opportunity that meets specific portfolio goal and objectives. We balance risk and return while targeting the deals we bring to the table to help our customers achieve their specific risk and/or growth goals.

With Extensia, there is no pre-set menu of options – every engagement is unique. We care passionately about those we do business with, we listen closely, and we leverage our broad reach and perspective across a spectrum of credit unions, brokers and borrowers to create the most attractive deals all around. At the end of the day, we’re a service organization, and our goal is to help our partners and customers grow.

Your credit union will benefit from Extensia’s years of experience and geographic reach. We source and manage loans in all 50 states. Plus, we provide our partners with the tools needed to grow their loan portfolios and manage risk.

Loan Services

Extensia provides all the services your credit union needs to be successful in commercial real estate lending, including reviewing the qualifications of the borrower and the property. Extensia works with each participant to ensure the necessary information is available to make an informed investment decision. Appraisals, environmental reports and borrower documents are provided upfront so our partners understand each loan from beginning to end.

Extensia provides traditional loan servicing to its participants as well as more complex servicing including loan reviews, inspection reports, and collection services. We can also provide loan servicing for loans outside of our participation portfolio.

At Extensia, we’re not just a service provider, we’re an innovator. After all, the market is constantly changing, which means our customers’ needs are changing too. Our goal is to stay one step ahead, regularly creating new tools for our toolbox. Whether that means adding new services such as enhanced data reporting and business consulting, or developing special assets for investment, we are always learning, always seeking to do more than we did before, and always finding new ways to serve our partners better.

As we evolve, we in turn, educate our customers on new options that can help them grow. It’s an ongoing loop of feedback, innovation, and education that makes us a dynamic and valuable partner for credit unions, brokers, and borrowers.