we’re redefining ourselves

  and our industry

Our new branding articulates our impact as an organization – delivering service and expertise that extend our clients’ capabilities and reach.

A brand is more than a logo, a name or a symbol. With this rebrand, we’re communicating to our people, clients, partners, and the world, sharing a much more compelling story about who we are, what we do, and where we’re going.

At the crux of the rebrand is a core idea: broaden your reach. We’re here for one reason: to help our clients and partners grow. We care passionately about those we do business with, we listen deeply, and we deploy our experience, expertise and capabilities to better align our clients with the right lending opportunities --- opportunities structured to benefit all stakeholders.

Our new brand

In name and appearance, Extensia is modern, distinctive and stands out from the crowd. We believe it sets us apart, reflecting our ability to deliver opportunity and create enduring, productive relationships.

The name derives from extend, alluding to the key benefit clients receive. By leveraging Extensia’s resources, expertise and relationships, clients are able to reach farther and offer more, helping their organizations as well as the members and communities they serve.

Visually, the new identity is an expression of renewal, opportunity, optimism and focus. The logo is based on an abstracted E, distilled to its precise essentials, with an energetic sunburst of color emanating from it. A key goal with the redesign was to modernize the look. It was important to update the brand in a way that was inviting and engaging, while at the same time authoritative. The identity, including the new type and fresh colors, is also more legible and recognizable and easily extends across applications and mediums.


Business Partners is now Extensia Financial. Read on to find out why, and what this means for you.

Why the change?

Like any evolving company, Extensia felt like it had outgrown its previous brand, and a fresh perspective was needed. Early last year, we embarked upon this process taking a critical look at who we were and how we were being perceived in the market. We knew it would be important to rebrand in a way that would address our current capabilities, culture, and personality as well as where we aspired to take things in the years to come.

It wasn’t easy. With the help of our branding firm, we conducted intake sessions, stakeholder interviews, client surveys, and other research. In the end, it was worth the effort; we came away with a strong platform and distinct identity.

Does this change affect an existing agreement that my organization has in place with you?

No changes are necessary for existing agreements or contracts. You will continue to do business with us per the terms of your agreement.

How do I access the client portal?

Our website address has changed to extensiafinancial.com. If you have the old website address bookmarked, for the next several months you will be automatically redirected to the new website. Once at the new redesigned website, look for the login information at the top of the page.

I have other questions.

If you have any further inquiries about the new Extensia brand, please visit our Contact Us page to submit your question.